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BlackMagic just came out with a small cinema camera. Cool? Possibly.

BlackMagic just came out with a new small-scaled cinema camera and it sounds pretty amazing so far. Let’s take a closer look.

BlackMagic is known for creating professional level cinema cameras and equipment for the film industry. For the past few years, they have been releasing smaller cinema cameras that have gained quite a large following among amateur filmmakers and low-budget projects.

The new version of the Pocket Cinema Camera 4K shoots in 4K , compared to the original version that shot only in 1080p. This camera can capture footage in 10-bit ProRes or in 12-bit RAW. A huge advantage of the new version of the Pocket Cinema Camera is that BlackMagic gives the option to record straight to external drives over USB-C. This allows a shorter time to transferring data of immensely large files like 4K RAW. We all know how daunting it is to spend hours trying to transfer data from memory card to external hard drive. Now we don’t have to hear you complain. You’re welcome.

Now, the look of the camera is kind of deterring. It isn’t the prettiest of cameras, and some have compared it to a child’s toy camera. Here’s a meme that explains things pretty well:

Ok, all joking aside, this camera looks like it’ll be something special. It has a 5-inch display on the back, includes a full-sized Micro Four Thirds sensor, and can use any of the lenses from the common lens mount used by Panasonic, Olympus and many others.

So how much does this little guy cost? $1295, which is $300 more than its older brother. I'm not going to lie, I probably wouldn't purchase such a camera, but it may be best for people that are just getting into film making, and want to push the limits of a handheld camera. Do it, you won't. I know I definitely won't.

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