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The new RED Gemini isn't for you (and there's valid reason)

The RED Gemini. What’s that you ask? A person born between May 21st -June 21st wearing all red? No, you dope. It’s an incredibly rare camera that RED just came out with, and a whopping 5 were made. What does this mean? Is this something you need? Let’s jump right in.

The RED Gemini was announced on January 27th, and is a brand-new sensor that is built for low light capabilities. When I say low light, I don’t mean taking it out in your backyard at 1am, I mean low light as in take it to the moon and record some shit in really REALLY low light. That’s right, this camera was made for use in outer space.

The RED Gemini is surprisingly priced at $19,500, which is cheaper than the Epic-W. The sensor itself is reported to be Super 35, but according to Alex Stone, is “more than half way between traditional Academy Super 35 and Full Frame.”

Comparing to other cameras that are well compatible to low light situations, the RED Gemini's sensor is only a bit smaller than the Sony A7Sii, but larger than the Canon C300ii. What is very impressive is the resolution that the RED Gemini outputs. 5120x3000 compared to the Sony A7Sii at 4240x2832, and the Canon C300ii at 4096x2160.

The RED Gemini can push its ISO in the region of 5,000-10,000 ISO. Now, compared to the A7Sii, is way lower, but if you were to ever work with any of the other RED Cameras, you can only imagine what the images would look like after post-work. The higher the ISO means more noise, but with it's high data rate and raw capture, the sensor can provide richer blacks and way more detail than the Sony A7Sii could. Cinema boner initiated.

So, where can you pick one of these babies up at? Nowhere. You can’t have it. Well, neither can I, but we can dream, right? All 5 have already sold out, and I can’t wait to see what these 5 lucky owners will capture with the RED Gemini.

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